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Circular Knit Wireless Seamless Bandeau Bra

Circular Knit Wireless Seamless Bandeau Bra

Circular Knit Wireless Seamless Bra Top

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? Soft micro bralette
? Comfortable seamless & stretch fabric
? Super cool textured detail
? Lightly padded
? Removable Padding
? Elasticated band with XOXO print
? Wireless cups for natural support and shape
? On-trend crop shape. Wear as an outerwear; Pair it with your high-waisted loungewear or denim for a trendy, casual & relaxed athleisure look.
? Model wears a size 75B

How to Measure

To find the right bra size, you’ll need a soft measuring tape and wear a non-padded bra

  1. Determine Your Band Size: Bring the measuring tape around your back to the front of your chest, keeping it under the arms. Place the tape below the bust and directly around your ribcage. Make sure to have it tight but comfortable enough to breathe normally. If you get an odd number, round up to the next even number.
  2. Determine Your Cup Size: While keeping the tape level around your back, measure loosely over the fullest part of your bust. Make sure the tape does not deform or squeeze the breasts. If your measurement falls on the half inch, round up.
  3. Determine Your Best Fit: Enter your two measurements into the Calculator below & press ‘Calculate’. Alternatively visit our store for a complimentary bra fitting.
  4. Enters your measurements and gets the size

How to Wear

  1. Lean Forward to a 45°degree angle, put your arms through the armholes, ensuring that the bra cups cover your breasts.
  1. Clasp the bra and adjust the straps. Move your breasts into the cups, using the opposite hand to lift up the breast, & move the sides of the breast in.
  1. Adjust the straps to fit. They should fit perfectly over the shoulders instead of being too loose or too tight.
  1. Make sure that your breasts fill the cups. You may need to move a little bit to check if the bra fits comfortably & that nothing is twisted.

Wash and Care

  1. Hand wash recommended. Use special lingerie detergents and wash in 40°C or lukewarm water.
  1. Push your bras into the original shape after washing; paying attention to the straps & cups.
  1. Lightly squeeze the bras to rinse excess water. Use clips to hang the bra upside down to dry. Avoid direct sunshine.
  1. Store your bras as per illustration above. Line them up together in your lingerie drawer.
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